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Sunday, March 11, 2007


Our project has ant magic telnet deployment. After project was moved too maven, we encounter a problem with telnet under maven. Firstly I googled a while to find something useful plugin, without success.

Everybody suggest use antrun, but if i moved to maven why i must still use ant. So i decided to write my own telnet-maven-plugin. It's very simple to write maven plugin, so if you need something write your own, don't ever use ant-run.
Now I convince that maven problem lies in antrun plugin, because if you can't do something, everybody suggest using antrun, bullshit.

The next step is to join mojo and make plugin public. This is more complicated than write it. You must follow rules, convention and finally vote for plugin to be released. I'm sure that I can do it. For now you can download telnet-maven-plugin from my site, put it into local maven repository.

Here is simple configuration:




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