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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Strange, I survived

This day is the most nervous day in my life. First mavenization started, after commit we realized that where are some web-guys. which have problems to run tomcat and other stuff, so we want rollback and than SVN refuse to cooperate with us.

I fight with time seeking another solutions. As it was not enough, our product manager arrived. And this day my presentation starts at 6 pm. Nightmare!!!.

Suddenly I looked outside the window, and to my surprise the sun goes out of the clouds. Michal comes back, and said that we don't rollback. So I think to myself maybe this day is not so bad.

My Ruby on Rails presentation on wjug meeting close ruby and java worlds, I hope so. Maybe one day we stand together on the 'right' side, we'll see. And maybe we make our conference.

Next post mavenization is nearly ready, today I'm to tired to post it.



Anonymous olo said...

If not to take into account the end of the that day - successful presentation on WJUG of Ruby on Rails - I'm ready to believe in Murphy's law. But no, as you said the SUN (hmm... if it has something in common with java) went out of the clouds and everything finished alright (but I must say that I was apprehensive if the ROR's presentation would hold).So, what has bad start, it has good finish :) And I believe in this law instead in Murphy's law ;)

February 06, 2007 11:33 PM


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